See News Page 1 for Temporary Rules due to Coronavirus - Updated 09 April 2021

GOODBYE 'lockdown' on MKAA waters - we hope !!

Effective from 07.00 hrs Monday April 12, 2021.

Please note: 'social distancing' still applies to ALL angling activities - the pandemic is NOT over yet...

> Nightfishing is back from the time/date above on ALL MKAA waters where it is normally allowed (use of bivvies and angling shelters has been back since March 29).

> Matches (in officially authorised form) have been back since March 29 - please respect any match reservations listed in the ticket or on the website. 'Covid risk reduction' procedures have already been issued to match organisers.

> Emberton Park (run by MK Council): we understand daylight angling is allowed there on a normal basis, but don't know yet whether the toilets/cafe are open.

NOTE: all local rivers and streams remain closed to angling by law until June 16.

LODGE lake and Caldecotte South are also closed until June 16.

Hopefully we are almost at the end of covid restrictions on angling and the vast majority of anglers have been great, however reluctant, about sticking with the previous limitations.

Thank you for that...(and to our various landlords, too) but PLEASE continue to abide by the government's social distancing guidance. Anyone doing otherwise (apart from risking getting banned long term) will be: increasing the risk of another covid 'flare-up'; will be bringing the sport and MKAA into disrepute...and risking angling being STOPPED AGAIN on numerous local waters!

Government guidance includes: strict social distancing (2 metres, which is also the minimum distance required between anglers and their kit from waterside footpaths in Parks Trust controlled lakes) continuing to be observed along with use of hand sanitisers; minimal mixing on the bank with people you do not live with, or are not in a 'bubble' with.

Travelling to fish: government guidance remains difficult to interpret precisely...but the latest Angling Trust attempt is as follows: "There are no statutory limits on how far you can travel to go fishing. We are encouraged to avoid making unnecessary journeys or traveling more than is reasonably necessary to take part in our activity. However, traveling to the coast or to a river or lake is entirely permissible."

That said the AT also advises: "whilst anglers must apply their own common sense and judgments there is a considerable level of discretion afforded to individual police constables and PCSOs. Each Police Area has a high degree of autonomy. The police can take action against you for breaches of the regulations (such as over the gathering limits) as opposed to any advisory guidance, and can issue you with a fine (Fixed Penalty Notice).

"If challenged while courteous and polite and make clear that you are taking part in your outdoor recreation in the form of fishing as allowed in law.
"Demonstrate that your travel to go fishing is necessary in order to take part in your chosen activity and in accordance with the advisory national guidance.
"Use the information here to demonstrate that you are acting responsibly and lawfully.
This should resolve most situations, however, should the police officer decide to issue you with a direction order or fixed penalty notice you should accept it and pack up immediately and return home if so instructed.
Fixed Penalty Notices can either be paid or contested in a magistrate court at a later date.
Please avoid fishing in crowded places where social distancing could be difficult and might give rise to concerns over public health.
Conduct yourself responsibly and fish safely.
Please remember we have been extremely fortunate to be able to fish throughout this lockdown and we must all act as ambassadors for our sport."

Thank you. Stay well and safe, and enjoy your fishing.
Trevor Johnson, chairman, MKAA

PLEASE remember: if you have Covid 19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone who has, or have tested positive for the virus, you should not be going anywhere!
Please note the following:
The SAFETY of anglers and the public still has to be EVERYONE'S continuing priority.
> Social Distancing needs to be maintained (whatever other members of the public do).
Anglers MUST keep themselves AND KIT (bivvies not allowed) at least 2 metres from footpaths in the parks.
Anglers should not fish closer to each other than 5 metres. No sharing tackle (including landing nets). On the canal please keep at least 5 metres from occupied (people on board) boats moored on the towpath side...and keep in mind that there are some very narrow sections of towpath where it would perhaps be better not to fish at the moment.
> Only 1 angler per peg. Two if, say, parent/carer and child under 17 from the same household to enable "dad & lad" type sessions. Bailiffs do not deserve to be put in the position of having to ask people to PROVE they are actually from the same 'household/bubble'. Hence the ruling.
> Dayticket fishing: allowed (subject to the conditions in the main announcement above) prices 8 for adults/5 for senior citizens/juniors aged 13-16/registered disabled, and 5 on the canal.
Anglers should provide correct money or take their kit with them while they fetch it (to minimise risk of virus transmission change will not be given).

> All anglers are asked to co-operate with the bailiffs and treat them with respect. They are volunteers doing a tough job and, generally, doing it well. Anyone not doing so, or breaking any of the rules/guidance above, will be liable to a ban (no appeal).
> On-bank ticket inspection: Please place your ticket (or correct money if buying a dayticket) in landing net and pass to bailiff while keeping yourself at least 2 metres from them.
> All anglers should carry hand sanitiser or other means of cleaning their hands and should follow government covid 19 guidance ? ? to minimise risk of virus spread.
Thank you again, and here?s looking forward to significant changes on April 12.

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