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Lodge Lake Night Fishing Syndicate

Thanks to a small minority of individuals, MKAA have had to ban night fishing on Lodge Lake for everyone other than members of a new to be formed night syndicate.

Individuals using the shrubbery around the lake as toilets have brought this ban into being and any such behaviour on other waters will if not stopped, result in a loss of fishing.

Please, if you value your fishing , help the Association stamp out such anti social behaviour by reporting the culprits to MKAA.

If planning a long session please make portable provisions.

Lodge Lake Night Syndicate Membership

Requirements of Membership.
Members must hold a current MKAA handbook
Members must hold an EA Licence
Members will be expected to bailiff Lodge Lake on a rotation basis at night throughout the year (not just during the summer months) even if not fishing.

Fishing for night syndicate members only between dusk and dawn, no guest tickets permitted.
Syndicate members must honour any MKAA prebooked matches and be off the water by midnight before any arranged matches.

All other MKAA rules apply.

If you would would like to join the syndicate and feel you can meet the above criteria can you please email Gary at

It will be up to the MKAA Executive along with some input from the bailiffs on selecting the syndicate members no correspondance will be entered into and the executive decision is final.

We apologise to MKAA members that we have had to take this course of action but it is either a night syndicate that we make work or no night fishing at all on Lodge.

The new list of applicants will superceed any previous list as applicants had not been aware of the rerquirements, if you have already submitted your name please do so again to the email address above.

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