Ashlands Community Lakes

Aslands lakes: please be aware, sadly an outbreak of KHV (koi herpes virus) has been confirmed on Ashlands lakes and has killed almost 70 fish to date.

It is currently illegal to fish there or to take out or add fish alive or dead, or to remove weed, spawn or other bio matter.

The ministry has imposed a statutory notice on the place and it will remain closed to angling for a long time to come.

According to CEFAS, KHV is now latent in a lot of fisheries across the country and can be triggered by extreme stress. Introduction of ornamental fish is likey prime cause but wet nets/sacks/slings can transfer it. Thoroughly drying such gear in sunlight will kill the virus. This applies to ALL anglers, not just carp fishers. Maybe we shd all fit UV lights in our garages for winter drying, and maybe we shd all have more than one set so that only dry ones are taken on each trip?

Whatever: Aslands will remain closed to angling for the foreseeable, and the surving fish will not be moved anywhere for at least 18 months (legal condition).

I believe death toll so far is 67 fish with no fresh deaths observed since Saturday evening.

We have been warned that there may be another 'spike' in mortalities in the autumn depending on weather/algae conditions.

Sad, but all we can do is hope it has run its course and get everyone to take the 'dry net' precautions where ever they fish - whether they are carp anglers or not.

Thank you for your cooperation
Chairman - MKAA

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