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Adams Mill:
is probably one of the most famous stretches of the great Ouse. From 16 June 2010 Adams Mill is now back on the normal ticket.

Bradwell Lake complex:
400 yards approximately with most species including notable chub. Park in car parks only.

City Ouzel:
More than 3 miles in three sections: Sparkes Meadow (Water Eaton Park) through to Watling Street; alongside Caldecotte Lake (A5 dual carriageway to Simpson Road); and adjacent to Willen Lake. Good for most species (chub to 5lb plus). Sparkes produced a 60lb net last season.

Emberton Park:
A superb fishery complex. MKAA is the only club able to give you free fishing there as your MKAA ticket is valid here. You do need to purchase a car entrance ticket though. Fishing is available on the river and 4 lakes.

Harrold Ouse:
Approximately 1 Mile of slow moving river, near the village of Harrold.

Ravenstone Mill:
Mega barbel, good chub, roach, bream, perch & pike. Approximately 1,400 yards with 2 fields upstream of weir and 3 down. Park only in car park inside the gate. MKAA season ticket holders ONLY.

Stony Ouse:
Three sections stretching from Toombs Meadow through Hollands Field and ending in Brush Mill totalling approximately 1,300 yards of quality Ouse fishing. Some excellent roach, perch & pike with bream close to 8lb and some big solitary chub to 6lb. Weir is upstream limit. Far bank, through Brush Mill and Hollands to locked gate halfway down Toombes. No fishing if there is a match on the opposite bank.

Wolverton Ouse:
Circling around Old Wolverton Town, the Ouse is generally shallowish, pacy and full of surprises. Wolverton Ouse (up stream of the Galleon canal aqueduct), Whitings (down to the Haversham railway viaduct) and Stone Park on downstream to New Bradwell can, on their day produce the stuff fishy dreams are made of.

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