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Association Records

Association Rule 6

Claims for specimen fish must be registered with an Association officer within 7 days of capture together with the names and addresses of 2 witnesses who must be adult members of the Association, or be witnessed by an Association Officer or Bailiff.

Any claimant may be required (at the request of the executive committee) to submit the weighing scales for independent verification.

All claims must be from Association waters where the Association has sole control.

All claims will be awarded at the discretion of the executive committee.

In the event of a suspected National Record an association officer must be notified immediately.

BARBEL 20-6-0 Adams Mill T Gibson 2004/05
BLEAK 0-2-0 Whitings D. Haynes 1988/90
BREAM 16-0-0 Bradwell Lake J.Parsons 2014/15
CARP 46-13-00 - J. Partlow 2017/18
CATFISH 30-02-00 Canal C. Siddall 2000/01
CHUB 8-02-00 Adams Mill D. Burton 2010/11
CHUB 8-02-00 Whitings M. Blincow 2015/16
CRUCIAN 3-09-0 Lodge B. Sapsford 2005/06
DACE 0-14-0 R. Ouse G. Lawrence 1995/96
EEL 9-3-0 Canal R. Chapman 1998/99
EXOTIC - GHOST Koi 24-13-0 - P. Andrews 2017/18
GUDGEON 0-2-12 R. Ouse E. Morris 1989/90
PERCH 4-10-0 Teardrops K. Mott 1987/88
PIKE 30-4-0 Caldecotte P. Hobson 1997/98
ROACH 3-0-0 Caldecotte R. Brigden 1994/95
RUDD 3-6-0 Willen R. Brigden 1989/90
RUFFE 0-3-0 GUC D. Gunning 2014/15
TENCH 9-10-00 Bradwell Lake M. Hodge 2010/11
TROUT 4-4-0 Adams Mill K. Brooks 2010/11

Best of Season 2019 - 2020 where Trophies were awarded

PIKE 25-12 K. Sharp Best of Season
TENCH 9-12 J. Stratton Best of Season

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